Bal de L'Ete

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is better than the Summer Bal hosted by Princess Catherine (okay, maybe except her Winter Bal).  Catherine Colonna De Stigliano always puts on the most elegant events.  This year's 20th Anniversary extravaganza in Paris was no exception.

My sister accompanied us this year.  Naturally, I designed our dresses. For myself, I designed a  champagne grecian two piece trumpet gown.  For my sister, Reina, I went with a peach silk with a chartreuse silk fille bow & belt.    We both accompanied the looks with RC jewelry and alligator clutches; and all the men adorned their shirts and sleeves with RC cufflinks. All in all, an elegant and fun sartorial putting on! 

The weekend's events all took place at the Cercle-de-lUnion-Interalliee. Perfect weekend with exceptional friends.